Exclusive Training By Tribe Of Buyers:

How to Become a 7-Figure CEO & Build Your Tribe of Buyers in 12 Months w/ Organic Marketing

 Tuesday, March 30th @ 1 PM EST
Exclusive Training By Tribe Of Buyers:

How to Become a 7-Figure CEO & Build Your Tribe of Buyers in 12 Months w/ Organic Marketing

 Tuesday, MarchMarch 30th @ 1 PM EST

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Learn the 12 Systems to become a  7-Figure CEO
  • The biggest pitfalls and roadblocks preventing you from hitting 7-Figures (and the three stages of growth that will help you overcome and move forward)
  • How to write Facebook posts that generate clients on-demand (easier than you think)
  • The exact content strategy I used to build a 7-Figure coaching business from scratch
  • The only two offers you need to hit 7-figures in a scalable and sustainable way

You'll Also Get Free Access To The "7-Figure CEO Vault" 

Inside, you’ll find things like:
-How to Create $5K-$100K Coaching Offers
-How to Scale from $5K - $25K per month in the next 30 days
-The Step By Step Sales Script to Generate $1,000,000 In Sales
And much, much more…

Meet Your Host:

Brad Newman

Marc Mawhinney

Clients' Testimonials:

Alok Appadurai - 
Business Coach

When Alok joined 7-Figure CEO his business was hitting a ceiling. He was wearing too many hats and didn't have systems in place. With the help of 7-Figure CEO, his business has been scaled to $83k cash collected every single month for the last seven months (Including a record setting month of $127,000).

Eli Wilde - Sales Expert to the Sales Experts

Eli is a sales expert who successfully closed over $100 million dollars from stage. In the past, not having structure and systems led him to burn-out. Just two weeks after joining 7-Figure CEO, he made $100k. Now his goal is to scale his business to eight figures utilizing the principles from the program. 

Kavetha - Physician on Healing a relationship

Kavetha is a physician and coach to other physicians who specialize in healing their relationships from the inside out to pass on a legacy they can be proud of. With the help of our program, she has created consistent lead flow, a back end offer, a coaching bench, and scaled her business to $100k+ /month!

Sabah Ali -  Business Consultant

Sabah joined the 7-Figure CEO to scale her business from $20k/mo to $50k/mo. As a result, Tribe of Buyers helped her develop strong back end systems (SOPs, team, delegation, fulfilling, delivery). She is now on track to hit 7-Figures in 2021.

Bastiaan Slot -  Business Consultant

Bastiaan's goal when he first joined 7-Figure CEO was to hit his first $100k month with his business. Since then, he not only reached his goal, but he did it in a different market with a different offer in under 90 days.

Stacey Conkey - 
Real Estate Investing Expert

Since filming this video, Stacey and Jen have been able to scale to over $80k cash collected a month! They were completely new to growing an audience, but with our simple framework, they found the process very easy.

Doug Boughton - 
Affiliate Marketing Expert

Doug was able to make $34k in one single week from doing a simple launch. His advice "You gotta work with Andrew" 

Emily Sussell - 
Yoga Growth Expert

When Emily joined our 7-Figure CEO program, she was stuck at $6k-$8k/m with no team. Fast forward to today, she has scaled to $72k month and now has a full team to help her continue to create freedom in her work and in her life. 

Kameron Snow - Copywriting Expert

Using only ONE part of the Tribe of Buyers 7-Figure CEO program, Kameron was able to generate a $32k month with a small Facebook group of only 700 people.
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